Festive Events

The team and I are currently in the process of turning the old barn into a multipurpose venue where events for up to 50 people can be hosted. Until then, we can host festive events for up to 25 people.

For more information, please visit the contact page.

A table full of food.

The Opening of Tuinhuis

Festive opening of the Tuinhuis on the 29th of May.

Sarah Blake House Concert

Catering for the Sarah Blake House Concert on 27th of July.

Roger Lucy House Concert

Catering for the Roger Lucy House Concert on 20th of September.

On the Menu:
Chicken curry with Butternut and Yellow Peas Dhaal.
Veggie Lasagna with a Summer Salad side.


Niels Bastiaensen and I exhibited during Napier's Pop Up Art Week. The name of our exhibition was Napier-Northwest

Poster for Napier-Northwest

The Buckfever Underground House Concert

Catering and hosting of The Buckfever Underground House Concert at my farm.

Poster for The Buckfever Underground that happened on the 30th of January

Palm Strings House Concert

We catered for the Palm Strings House Concert.

Poster for Palm Strings on 13 of March

Creative Napier 2023 at the 7 Owls

We exhibited at the 7 Owls during Creative Napier in December 2023. We had Nelis Singels, Paul Andrews, Niel Jonker, Niels Bastiaensen and myself as artists. We also served Bitterballen, Apple Pie and

Poster for Creative Napier at the 7 Owls

"Happy New Now"

This was supposed to be a New Year's Party at the 7 Owls, but due to weather forecasts that predicted a storm the party was postponed. So it instead became a "Happy New Now" Party on the 7th of January, 2024.

Poster for Happy New Now